Vision and mission

The Historic Towns Trust has adopted the following statement of its vision, mission, audience, outputs and business model

The Historic Towns Trust’s vision is that: For every town and city in Great Britain there is an authoritative atlas of maps and text that enables greater appreciation of the nation’s urban history and historic townscapes.

The Historic Towns Trust’s mission is: To support and promote research into the history and topography of British cities and towns, and to disseminate the results, in particular by the publication of historic town atlases (HTAs) and other maps and related works, prepared mainly through partnerships formed with local interests.

The Historic Towns Trust audience is a wide one, including the interested general public, universities, schools, policy-makers and heritage organisations, and visitors to historic towns.

The Historic Towns Trust’s outputs include: historic towns atlases; printed historical maps; digital and mixed media, including web content, related to historic towns; and scholarly activities, including study days.