We deliver our product through partnerships

The Historic Towns Trust has developed a long-standing successful arrangement of working with partnership organisations to create the British Historic Towns Atlas . To continue to build on this 50-year track record of publishing the BHTA, the HTT welcomes new partnerships with organisations that share the Trust’s vision and mission.

The following principles and guidelines are provided to help potential partners formulate new atlas and historical mapping projects in collaboration with the HTT.

Principle 1: HTT will work with willing partner organisations who share our aims

As far as possible, we look for partners who have:

  • charitable aims which broadly align with those of the HTT;
  • strong local standing and community connections;
  • sufficient expertise to deliver a high-quality project;
  • the ability to share in the task of fund-raising under an agreement with the HTT; and
  • are ready to draw up an agreement with the Trust along the lines set out below.

Principle 2: HTT will pursue certain standards through partnerships

As far as possible, we aim:

  • to produce historic towns atlas volumes (and associated historical urban mapping) that meet the national (i.e. HTT) and the international (i.e. International Committee for the History of Towns) standards for historic towns atlases, so as to aid comparative and local study of historic towns;
  • to adhere to the standard cartographic formats of the BHTA as followed internationally by national HTA committees, including maps created to a common scale, with standardised symbologies, and fitting with the conventions of the British Historic Towns Atlas;
  • to uphold high quality assurance processes as overseen by HTT in terms of publication content, review procedures, image reproduction and production values.

Principle 3: HTT will agree a Memorandum of Understanding with each partner

An MoU would normally include such elements as:

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)/ownership and acknowledgements;
  • Authorship of outputs;
  • Copyright agreements;
  • Publisher of the work(s);
  • Printing and production;
  • The production of a project plan (as below)

Principle 4: HTT and our partners will agree a project plan to give effect to the Memorandum of  Understanding

A project plan would normally include such elements as:

  • A business plan with details of financing and fund-raising;
  • A timetable for production and delivery;
  • Plans for publicity and public outreach;
  • Sales and marketing plan;
  • Production details of the output(s), including publisher, format and content.