HTT Trustees

Trustees of the charity

The Trustees of the Historic Towns Trust form the governing body of the charity and meet four times a year.  They are:


Chair and trustee:  Professor Keith Lilley

Keith Lilley is a historical geographer based at Queen’s University Belfast.  His interests include the development of urban landscapes and their built forms, and maps of historic towns and cities form an integral part of his work. British cities he has studied include Coventry, Chester and Swansea.  Keith has been a major contributor to the Trust’s new historical map of Coventry.



Other trustees:

Professor Caroline Barron OBE

Caroline Barron is an emeritus professor of medieval history at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has a particular interest in the history of medieval London and worked with Roddy Lobel and Henry Johns on the HTA 1989 volume The City of London from Prehistoric Times to c.1520.  Since then she has contributed to the two HTT maps of Medieval London and Tudor London. She chairs the Projects and Programmes Committee of the Historic Towns Trust.

Professor Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies is professor of urban history and Executive Dean of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London. He is a specialist in the history of medieval and early modern London, and is the director of Layers of London, a digital mapping and public engagement project based at the Institute of Historical Research.

Professor Helen Fulton

Helen Fulton FLSW FSA is Chair of Medieval Literature at the University of Bristol and Vice-President of the Learned Society of Wales. Her research focuses on medieval literary history, regional history, and urban culture, with a particular focus on Wales and the March. She is the editor of Urban Culture in Medieval Wales (2012) and the co-editor of The Cambridge History of Welsh Literature (2019). As a trustee, she worked with a local team to produce the map of Bristol in 1480 and she is now leading a team to produce a historical map of Swansea.

Professor Vanessa Harding (Hon. Secretary)

Vanessa Harding is Professor of London History at Birkbeck, University of London, and Hon. Secretary of the British Historic Towns Trust. Her research and writing focus on the history of medieval and early modern London, especially its built environment. She contributed to the maps of Medieval London c.1270 and London c.1520, and is currently developing a project to map London on the eve of the Great Fire.

Nick Millea

Nick Millea is the Map Librarian at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. He has authored and edited a number of books on cartography and the history of cartography, and curated three map exhibitions at the Bodleian, the latest of which was Talking Maps in 2019–20. He is the chair of the Trust's Communications, Outreach and Marketing committee, and has recently worked with a local group to produce a historical map of Alnwick and Alnmouth.

John Moore

John Moore is a retired academic librarian from the University of Glasgow who has researched the history of cartography for more than forty years. A specialist in the mapping of his native Scotland, he is the author of two successful books on the mapping of Glasgow and of the River Clyde. A former Books review Editor for Imago Mundi, the international journal for the history of cartography, he has written and lectured extensively on a range of relevant topics. Presently, he is engaged on a study of the history of mapping Scottish burghs and is hoping to work towards the production of historical maps of locations north of the Border.

Julian Munby (Oxford Archaeology)

Dr Keith Parry (Hon. Treasurer)

After thirty years' reasearch experience in the agrochemical industry, Keith Parry 'retired' to develop his interest in history and gained a Diploma and then an M.Sc. in English Local History at Oxford University.  He is a trustee of both the Historic Towns Trust and the Oxfordshire Record Society. He engages in academic study, giving lectures at Oxford University and for Maidenhead Heritage Centre.

Professor Adrian Phillips CBE

Adrian Phillips trained as a geographer and planner before following a national and international career in the environmental sector. He worked for the UK Government, UNEP and IUCN. For 11 years he was CEO of the Countryside Commission and for 7 years the chair of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas. Since then, he has been a trustee of several UK nature conservation and heritage NGOs, including the National Trust. He remains involved with IUCN on global issues, with HTT at the national scale, and with local groups campaigning for a greener Cheltenham, better planning decisions and rebuilding cultural links with Europe.

Dr Alice Prochaska

Alice Prochaska is a historian and has published on labour, social and culinary history, and archives. She was Principal of Somerville College Oxford 2010–17 and before that pursued a career in archives and library administration (University Librarian at Yale, 2001–2010; Director of Special Collections, the British Library, 1992–2001).   Among various voluntary commitments, she chairs the Institute of Historical Research Trust and is deputy chair of the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission, and chaired the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust, 2010–20.

Professor Sarah Rees Jones

Sarah Rees Jones is Professor Emerita of Medieval History at the University of York. She works on medieval social history, is the author of York, the Making of a City, 1068-1350 (Oxford, 2013) and contributed to the Historic Towns Atlas for the City of York (2015).

Professor Roey Sweet (University of Leicester and AHRC)

The charity also has Vice-Presidents, who are former trustees and whose contribution to the project over many years continues to be highly valued:

Dr Peter Addyman CBE

Peter Addyman, former Director of York Archaeological Trust, is an archaeologist particularly interested in the archaeology of British towns, the cartographic presentation of archaeological data and its popular dissemination as in York's Jorvik Viking Centre of which he was the instigator.  Peter is the editor of the British Historic Towns Atlas, Volume V York.

Professor Martin Biddle CBE FBA

Martin Biddle is an archaeologist and historian. From 1961 onwards, he has used the example of Winchester to establish the concept of 'urban archaeology' as a discipline addressing the origin and development of towns from their foundation to the present day, on the basis of a full integration of all the available written, archaeological, and scientific sources. He is the co-editor of the British Historic Towns Atlas, volume VI, Winchester.

Alan Crossley (formerly Victoria County History)

Professor Paul Slack

Paul Slack is Emeritus Professor of Early Modern English Social History at Oxford University, and author of books and articles on English urban history in the early modern period. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, and was Principal of Linacre College Oxford until 2010.

Professor David Palliser (University of Leeds)

Anthony Weale

Anthony Weale is a former senior administrator at Oxford University. He was treasurer of the Historic Towns Trust from 1975 until 2018 and from 2015 until 2021 was a trustee and also chairman of the Fundraising and Friendraising Committee and its predecessor.



The Cartographic Editor is Giles Darkes

Giles Darkes is a cartographer specialising in thematic mapping.  Formerly a senior lecturer in cartography at Oxford Brookes University, he has worked with the Historic Towns Trust supervising the mapping and publishing side of the Trust's work since 2009.  He has worked on many other mapping projects including the Atlas of the World's Languages and An Historical Atlas of Oxfordshire.


Executive Steering Committee

The day-to-day business of the charity is co-ordinated by an Executive Steering Committe which meets about six times a year and reports to the Trustees.  The members are currently:

Keith Lilley (chair); Caroline Barron; Vanessa Harding; Nick Millea; Keith Parry; and Alice Prochaska.

In addition, the Cartographic Editor is a member of the committee.

Its terms of reference under the HTT's constitution can be found here to download.


Programmes and Projects Committee

The P&P Committee co-ordinates the current projects being undertaken by the Trust and investigates new projects.  It liaises with the local committees responsible for each project and advises on procedures.  The members are currently:

Caroline Barron (chair); Keith Lilley, Julian Munby, Keith Parry, and Sarah Rees Jones. In addition, the Cartographic Editor is a co-opted member of the committee.


Communications, Outreach & Marketing Committee

The COM Committee co-ordinates the public face of the Trust. It is responsible for the website, for launching our publications, for lectures and other public engagement.  The members are currently:

Nick Millea (chair); Matthew Davies, Helen Fulton, Vanessa Harding, and John Moore. In addition, the Cartographic Editor is a co-opted member of the committee.


Friend-raising and Fundraising Committee

The F&F Committee co-ordinates the financial management of the trust and raises funds for its work.  The members are currently:

Alice Prochaska (chair); Keith Parry, Adrian Phillips, and Roey Sweet. Anthony Weale, former trustee, also contributes to the committee.