HTT Trustees

Trustees of the charity

The Trustees of the Historic Towns Trust form the governing body of the charity and meet four times a year.  They are:

Chair and trustee:  Professor Keith Lilley (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Other trustees:


Professor Caroline Barron OBE (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Professor Matthew Davies (Birkbeck, University of London)

Professor Helen Fulton (University of Bristol)

Professor Vanessa Harding (Hon. Secretary) (Birkbeck, University of London)

Nick Millea (Bodleian Library, Oxford)

John Moore (University of Glasgow)

Julian Munby (Oxford Archaeology)

Dr Keith Parry (Hon. Treasurer)

Professor Adrian Phillips CBE (Countryside Commission and IUCN)

Dr Alice Prochaska (University of Oxford and IHR)

Professor Sarah Rees Jones (University of York)

Professor Roey Sweet (University of Leicester and AHRC)

The charity also has Vice-Presidents, who are former trustees and whose contribution to the project over many years continues to be highly valued:

Dr Peter Addyman CBE (York Archaeological Trust)         

Professor Martin Biddle CBE FBA (University of Oxford)

Alan Crossley (formerly Victoria County History)

Professor Paul Slack (University of Oxford)

Professor David Palliser (University of Leeds)

Anthony Weale (University of Oxford)


The Cartographic Editor is Giles Darkes


Executive Sub-Committee

The day-to-day business of the charity is co-ordinated by an Executive Sub-Committe which meets about six times a year and reports to the Trustees.  The members are currently:

Keith Lilley (chair); Caroline Barron; Vanessa Harding; Nick Millea; Keith Parry; and Alice Prochaska.

In addition, the Cartographic Editor is a member of the committee.

Its terms of reference under the HTT's constitution can be found here to download.


Programmes and Projects Committee

The P&P Committee co-ordinates the current projects being undertaken by the Trust and investigates new projects.  It liaises with the local committees responsible for each project and advises on procedures.  The members are currently:

Caroline Barron (chair); Matthew Davies; Keith Lilley, Julian Munby, Keith Parry, and Sarah Rees Jones. In addition, the Cartographic Editor is a co-opted member of the committee.


Communications, Outreach & Marketing Committee

The COM Committee co-ordinates the public face of the Trust. It is responsible for the website, for launching our publications, for lectures and other public engagement.  The members are currently:

Nick Millea (chair); Helen Fulton, Vanessa Harding, John Moore, and Roey Sweet. In addition, the Cartographic Editor is a co-opted member of the committee.


Friend-raising and Fund-raising Committee

The F&F Committee co-ordinates the financial management of the trust and raises funds for its work.  The members are currently:

Alice Prochaska (chair); Keith Parry, and Adrian Phillips.