The Historic Towns Trust has published seven volumes of the British Historic Towns Atlas. Volumes I to III are now out of print and obtainable only as second-hand copies, but much of the contents is available to view on this website, by clicking on the volume title shown below.  The volume on Windsor and Eton (Vol IV) was published in March 2015, the volume on York (Vol V) in December 2015, Volume VI (Winchester) in November 2017 and Volume VIII (Oxford) in December 2021.

The volumes on Windsor and Eton, York, Winchester, and Oxford are published as high-quality board folder containing maps, illustrations, a text explaining the history of the town or city, and a gazetteer of the places named on the maps. All maps are printed in full colour (except, of course,  for reproduction - as illustrations - of maps which were originally printed only in black).

Because the maps are not bound into a volume, they are easy to set side-by-side for viewing purposes. So, the history and development of a town can be seen by comparing maps of the town at different dates.

From Volume VIII onwards, we will be reverting to a bound volume in order to reduce printing and production costs.  The volume will be flexibound allowing for the publication to be opened flat. The same high standards of production will be maintained, however.


Atlases already published

Volume 1 cover
Volume I

Historic Towns - Maps and Plans of towns and cities in the British Isles, Volume One

Publish date: 1969
Publisher: Lovell Johns - the Cook, Hammond and Kell Organisation
Historic Towns Atlas Volume 2
Volume II

The Atlas of Historic Towns, Volume 2

Publish date: 1975
ISBN: 0859671852
Publisher: The Scolar Press in conjunction with the Historic Towns Trust
The City of London from prehistoric times to c.1520
Volume III

The City of London from prehistoric times to c.1520, Volume III

Publish date: 1989
ISBN: 0198229798
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Windsor and Eton atlas cover
Volume IV

Windsor and Eton

Publish date: 2015
ISBN: 9781782978282
Publisher: Oxbow Books for the Historic Towns Trust
Historic Towns Atlas cover for York
Volume V


Publish date: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-78570-127-6
Publisher: Oxbow Books for the Historic Towns & York Archaeological Trusts
Winchester Historic Towns Atlas cover
Volume VI


Publish date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-78570-666-0
Publisher: Oxbow Books for The Historic Towns Trust and the Winchester Excavations Committee
Image of Oxford Historic Towns atlas
Volume VII


Publish date: 2021
ISBN: 978-1-78925-326-9
Publisher: Oxbow Books for the Historic Towns Trust