Winchester cathedral as shown on HTT map
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An atlas mapping and explaining the history of this city which played such an important part in English history from Roman times onwards.

As well as a text prepared by Professor Martin Biddle (Winchester Excavations Committee), Professor Derek Keene (Institute of Historical Research), and Dr Francis Morris (WEC), the atlas includes a comprehensive gazetteer of the town prepared by Dr Edmund Thomas (University of Durham) and Dr Beatrice Clayre (WEC) with entries on all the principal buildings, structures and streets shown on the maps.

Due for publication in 2017.

The atlas contains maps of:

  • Roman Winchester
  • Winchester around 900
  • Winchester in 1000
  • Winchester in c.1130
  • Winchester in 1300
  • Winchester in 1417
  • Winchester in 1550
  • The plans for royal Winchester, 1680s
  • Parishes, liberties and the Soke, at different dates
  • The union of Winchester's parishes
  • Winchester's military camps in the mid 18th century

The atlas is centred around a detailed map of the city at 1:2500 showing all the sites of Winchester's most important buildings and structures on a base map of the city  c.1800, the first time that such a map has been made.

The volume also has a 1" OS map of the mid 19th century rescaled to 1:50,000, an aerial photograph of the city centre, and illustrations.

The maps, text, gazetteer and illustrations are presented in an A3 stiff card binder, and the format allows for maps of different date to be compared side-by-side.