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Oxbow Books for the Historic Towns Trust


An illustrated atlas of the history of the remarkable and famous settlements of Windsor and Eton, on opposite banks of the Thames, explaining the growth and form of the settlements across two thousand years.

The atlas features an extensive introduction to the history of the towns of Windsor and Eton written by Windsor historian Dr David Lewis, as well as a history of the earlier settlement of Old Windsor written by Prof Derek Keene.  The introduction is illustrated with 12 figures and maps.

It also contains a encyclopaedic gazetteer of Windsor and Eton's buildings and streets shown on the maps created for this volume. The gazetteer contains entries on the main buildings and streets, with a brief history and full references  - detailing their origin, earliest mention, and alternative names by which they were known.  Full references allow further investigation.

The atlas of Windsor and Eton also offers

  • illustrations of the towns.  Illustrations include early images of the town, Hollar's views of Windsor Castle, David Loggan's engraving of Eton College and an eighteenth-century view of the town of Windsor as seen from the castle and never before published
  • aerial views of the towns from 1928 to the present day
  • reproductions of early maps of the town, including a very detailed plan of Windsor dating from before 1819.

Windsor Bridge

Maps show the towns as they were in 1180, 1280, 1380, 1480 and 1580.  The principal map (printed in seven, overlapping sheets) is a summary full-colour map of the towns based on a digitised OS map of the mid 19th century, with the main medieval and post-medieval buildings - as well as sites of lost major buildings - shown.

The volume includes an extensive, detailed plan of Windsor Castle as it appeared in about 1800, as well as a plan of Eton College; both plans are coloured by time period of construction.

A CD contains the maps of the towns at different stages in their development, presented as PDFs.

The atlas is available now

Produced and distributed on behalf of the Historic Towns Trust by Oxbow books, the atlas is priced at £55.00.

The atlas can be ordered through all book retailers, on-line, or direct from Oxbow Books.

Eton College


"This beautiful and stimulating work heralds the revival of the British Historic Towns Atlas series."
Nick Holder
Urban History (6 April 2017)

"David Lewis has made an important contribution to our knowledge of smaller medieval towns in general and Windsor in particular."
Grenville Astill
Medieval Archaeology  Vol 60, issue 1 (May 2016)

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